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International Workshops at Yoga Festival 2018

The 7th International Yoga Festival will take place in Estonia, at a charming seaside resort Haapsalu on July 28-29, 2018!

There will be different yoga styles represented, best teachers from Estonia and abroad, spiritual music concerts, health goods bazaar and children’s program. Over two days there will be numerous events taking place in different locations over Haapsalu.

A considerable part of program will be in English.

We hope to see both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners at the festival.

This years English-speaking teachers:

Drew Rouse is an experienced yoga teacher with a focus on Hot Yoga with 15 years of experience teaching countless beginners & advanced Bikram yoga classes, posture/asana clinics, Yin Yoga classes, Therapeutic Flying Workshops/Partner Stretching aka Acroyoga, Hips & Thoracic Spine Opener Workshops with traditional hatha alignment, Intermediate and Master Classes & seminars to thousands of students Worldwide. Drew also offers Hatha Yoga Alignment & Philosophy talks. Plus “Rawkin Raw Food” preparation classes.

Drew began writing poetry at age 7, he would often roam the forest on his families property writing in his small notebook he titled “My Thinking Spot”. He then started playing guitar and composing professionally at age 12. Drew says “My youth was blessed with the ability to enter into a deep and profound place of contemplation and reflection at a very young age. This blessing allowed me, once older, to pick the most effective direction to apply my life force. I feel truly blessed and spared in so many ways.” Drew has numerous poems and short stories, over a 150 original songs and has released six independent albums, so far. Drew is the real deal a troubadour with a gypsy’s soul.

Intermediate Yoga Class with a focus on Thoracic Spine and Hip Opening

Therapeutic Flying (aka: passive Acroyoga)

Yin Yoga

More info about Drew HERE


Anna Wan & Jürgen Hergenröder -  Maha Shanti Yoga

Anna and Jürgen have been teaching together in partnership since 2004 and are registered teachers with the Yoga Alliance. Trained in the traditional Indian education system of living and studying under the guidance of the master teacher, their teaching reflects an integrated approach to spiritual, mental and physical development and wellbeing based on traditional Vedantic, tantric and yogic teachings.

The primary focus of their teaching is building community and helping people to discover the joy in their personal yoga journey. Currently, they give regular classes, workshops, Yoga Teacher Training Courses and retreats around the world.

More info HERE

Partner Yoga – A supported approach to Yoga Asana practice

Come individually or with a friend - this session is open to all levels.

Partner Yoga uses a fun interactive approach, designed to encourage the practice of classical postures, supported and facilitated by the soft traction and leverage of another person. Enabling gentle yet deeper stretching, stabilisation, and resistance in postures, Partner Yoga also helps us to build trust, compassion and connectivity through the awareness of touch.

Through this process of physical connection, we learn to communicate and reconnect on a deeper level with ourselves and the world around us.

Chakra Yoga

This session of Chakra Yoga is based on an initial exploration of the traditional Hatha/Tantric Yoga teachings relating to the Charkas - otherwise known as the energy vortices of the body - which correspond to the physical nerve centres, major organs and our psychological, emotional and spiritual states of being.

Applying hand mudras, basic mantras, visualisation and pranayama, you will be guided through a Chakra meditation to help facilitate your own direct experience of these powerful energy centres.

Partner Yoga Flow

Come individually or with a friend – this session is open to all levels.

In this second session of Partner Yoga, we move into more dynamic flowing sequences of postures based on the interactive approach of Partner Yoga which is designed to encourage the practice of classical postures, supported and facilitated by the soft traction and leverage of another person.  

Learning to move in synchronicity with your partner, the Partner Yoga Flow practice builds on communication and connectivity through more awareness of touch during movement and helps us to further build on trust, compassion and support.


Jagaspace (Estonia) + Chalie (Panama/Latvia)

Charlie Vasquez - Panama/Latvia and Jagaspace (Alex & Kaushalya) - Estonia. Alex & Kaushalya are well known in Estonia and Finland for their sound therapy sessions and Gong Spa. Charlie is a guitarist, singer and song writer. His profound vocal register blend harmoniously with Kaushalya's pure and melodic voice. Synthesizers, strings, percussion and voice generate a fresh fusion, ideal for flight into the etheric realm of sound, perfect to celebrate the life on the dance floor. Lyrics inspire invite to imagine another truth of human nature that is vibrating in harmony with cosmic flow, - in peace, love, freedom and beauty.

Live music + Yoga and an Evening Concert open air

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