YOGAFUNC Live with Jagaspace is a dynamic yoga class with live music by Jagaspace and the yoga sequence by Jocke Salokorpi. The music has been created specifically for this program. In this class you are a part of the creative process where music becomes part of yoga and yoga becomes part of the music.

It’s not a yoga class, it’s not a concert, it’s an experience.

Jocke12Jocke Salokorpi

As I’m writing this introduction of myself, I’m 40 years old and growing younger. I was born in Sweden, lived most of my life in Finland and the past 5 years here in Estonia. The decision to move to Estonia was a quick one, it was easy and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you Estonia for being so kind towards me : )

I have been active my whole life, but the first time I tried Ashtanga yoga (about 12 years back), I was blown away. It was physically challenging, I sweat more than I thought I could and I just felt amazing in every cell of my body. I felt how the purification started and loved how that felt. Fast forward about six years and that was when I met mu teacher. Two weeks of intense practice with Lino Miele (direct student of Guruji – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois), in a yoga retreat in Finland… and my life was changed. I started to see life in a different way. I started to see some purpose, that I didn’t see before. I loved it.

Only half a year after I decided to make some big change sin my life. It was time to move on.

When I moved to Estonia, we started a “Body&Mind” studio in the center of Tallinn. This studio started to grow and slowly transform into a yoga school. Fast forward to May 2010, the biggest event in my professional life and one of the biggest events in my life in general occurred. Lino Miele included our traditional ashtanga yoga school into Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute, with other schools in Rome, Milan and Buenos Aires. Wow! What a ride!

I’m getting used to the idea that I’m a yoga teacher, but more important than that, I’m a lifetime yoga student. With that thought in my mind and with the support of my teacher, I know I’m doing the right thing and in the right way. I hope to see you in my class. Namaste.

Jagaspace ComboJagaspace Acoustic

Kaushalya – song, violine, Indian Harmonium, gong
Alexandr Kardash – bass, darbuka, gong