Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga – A supported approach to Yoga asana practice

Partner Yoga uses an interactive approach, designed to encourage the practice of classical Hatha Yoga postures, supported and facilitated by the soft traction and leverage of another person.   Enabling gentle yet deeper stretching, stabilisation, and resistance in postures, Partner Yoga also helps us to build trust, compassion and connectivity through the awareness of touch.

Through this process of physical connection, we learn to communicate and reconnect on a deeper level with ourselves and the world around us.

On Sun, July 23th at 9am in the Castle Couryard outdoors: Come individually or with a friend – this gentle morning session is open to all levels.

Anna Wan & Jürgen Hergenröder

Anna and Jürgen have been teaching together in partnership since 2004. Trained in the traditional Indian education system of living and studying under the guidance of the master teacher, their teaching reflects an integrated approach to spiritual, mental and physical development and wellbeing based on traditional vedantic, tantric and yogic teachings.

The primary focus of their teaching is building community and helping people to discover the joy in their personal yoga journey. Currently, they give regular classes, workshops, Yoga Teacher Training Courses and retreats around the world.