Babaji Kriya Yoga

Babaji Yoga is an ancient line of yoga and quintessence of a teaching developed by Tamili Maha-Siddha or perfect masters of yoga.  This is a path of conscious change, with the aim of grasping one’s true essence and to learn to manage one’s life consciously.  Babaji yoga techniques are passed on from teacher to student in the course of three initiations.  To develop and organize each level of human nature and body there are specific techniques: e.g. positions of Hatha yoga for the body, pranayama or breathing exercise for vital body, Dhjaana yoga or meditation for the mental body, etc.

Kriya Hatha yoga consist of 18 main exercises or asanas that have been picked from thousands of yogic postures to that they would perfectly support the health of human physical body,  enhance the overall operation of the organs and stamina.   The positions are in a sequence and can be performed in pairs so that each preceding position has replenishing and balancing effect.  The exercises are done by using intentional muscle contraction and relaxation.  Gradually, connections can be established between breathing and the subtle aspects of energy.

Kriya Hatha yoga or these physical excercises should be practiced on a daily basis 1 to 2 pairs at a time or as a whole series. The effects are best experienced after a physical work or as a means for releasing tension during a stressful life period. After static yoga practice (pranayama, dhjaana and mantra yoga) physical exercises are used to wake up the body again.

Aale-Triinu Sonn