Open Air Program

Haapsalu Piiskopilinnuse hoovi kogunes palju joogahuvilisiYoga practice is offered on the festival main stage located in the castle courtyard ad is available for yoga students of all levels. Please note that yoga practices can be very different and only a few of them are what you think they are – fixed and still. Some of them will make you sweat. During the course of the festival you will find out which type suites you best. The festival is to offer an opportunity to try out different types of yoga styles. The world of yoga is diverse!

Please bring a yoga matt, blanket and bottled water with you. Please use head cover and protection in case of sunny weather.  Make sure you drink enough water and take breaks to rest and eat. The best would be to combine lectures, workshops and physical yoga practice with breaks for eating and resting.

In case of rain, the program will happen in the close-by  sports centre! (15, Wiedemanni St)