The volunteers will have close contact with the people attending the Festival. They reflect the idea of the Yoga Festival which is „living with an open heart”, with helpfulness, good-spirit and enthusiasm. The volunteers will show that the Yoga Festival is the celebration of the soul!

Everyone, both young (from the age of 16) and elderly (including pensioners) who want to dedicate their time, skills, experience and good will to the success of the event are welcome to become volunteers at the Yoga Festival!

What are the tasks to be fulfilled by volunteers?

Volunteers can help out with various tasks at the Yoga Festival, such as selling and checking tickets, parking assistance, clean-up, baggage hold service, childrens’program and stage workers.

What the volunteers will receive in return to their contribution?

According to the principle of volunteer work (in Yoga it is called karma yoga or seva that means privilege of divine selfless service) there is no monetary reward. When doing something from your heart and to self-satisfaction, this is the best reward in itself. The biggest motivation to become a volunteer at the Yoga Festival is to gain new knowledge, skills and experience, to increase one’s cooperation and social network, to develop unity and to do good things.

We will ensure that volunteers will be well prepared and informed to be able fulfill their duties. At the same time we are open to good ideas coming from the volunteers themselves, and make them feel part of the festival team.

Volunteers will have free access to workshops and concerts taking place in the castle courtyard, and workshops at the Cultural Center based on availability.

If you want to become a volunteer at the Yoga Festival please send an e-mail to halys@joogafestival.ee. Tell us what you are good at and if you already know what you want to do let us know about it. Tell us your age and phone number for any case. We will contact you.