Henna painting, hair braiding, turban makers, nice people etc, – all that belongs to a real bazaar. But there will be also handicraft and yoga products carrying the right feeling – yoga mats and bags, meditation pillows, funny Aladdin pants, scented candles, incense, yogi tee, rejuvenating cosmetics, books, music, etc. All major local yoga schools and studios will also be represented at the bazaar.

Yoga is not simply physical exercises but a lifestyle. And one integral part of yogic lifestyle is healthy eating.  Therefore, the food offered at the bazaar is vegetarian that tastes delicious to connoisseurs of clean palate or spicy oriental foods.

In order to make this festival memorable and to meet your “soul-mates” we will have star-shaped tents at the bazaar with refreshing drinks and snacks.  See your there!

All stands are booked already! If you are interested to participate on the Bazaar 2015 as a seller, please contact: